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Open to the fullness of your life
Mindful Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching provides a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your inner world with compassion and understanding.  Here we start to notice our own conditioning and habitual ways of being that are no longer serving us.  By exploring practices that grow awareness and presence, we gain clarity and insight which connects us more deeply to our essential selves.  This provides the opportunity to make more conscious choices for ourselves that supports intentional living.

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My Approach Incorporates:

Stabilize your mind in the present moment.  Paying attention to your inner experience with openness and curiousity provides a wealth of information to help you meet life in each moment.

Emotional Strength

Transcend the thinking mind's repetitive stories and patterns by growing an awareness of and practicing tolerance for the sensory experience of emotions.

Open to life as it is, while taking practical steps to realize personal aspirations.  By accepting things as they are, we free up resources to face challenges, which allows for peace and possibility.


Self Compassion

Provide yourself with a sense of safety, kindness & encouragement as you acknowledge your human condition and grow your emotional resources

Clear Relationship to Your Mind

Question thoughts that cause suffering and relate to your mind in ways that promote resilience and peace.  With practiced observation, biases and preconceived ideas that cloud perception are revealed, helping us to view ourselves and the world around us more clearly.


Together we will examine your life, including circumstances, tendencies, habits, hopes, and desires, to:


  • Identify areas that need action or attention


  • Detail obstacles that hold you back from actualizing goals


  • Develop intentionality in how you relate to yourself and others


  • Focus on what you want to cultivate and grow

My role is to support you. I provide a safe space free of judgment and assumptions through active listening, honest reflection, presence and encouragement.  

Develop Supportive Practices:

  • Self Reflection & Journaling

  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Intention Setting - Align with your Values & Life Path

  • Morning & Evening Rituals - Empower Your Day

  • Yogic Techniques - Breathwork, Body Awareness, Physical Postures


Through our sessions, I have gained an incredibly supportive perspective which allows me to move forward in life with kindness, autonomy and confidence.

Before the self growth sessions I found it so easy to get swept away in stressors and strong emotions that come with daily life.  During our sessions, Kyra and I spent time observing and exploring these situations and incorporating tools to sift through narratives that were disempowering and critical. Since practicing with Kyra I have been able to leave many thing behind that no longer made sense and the effect on overall wellbeing and stress has been significant.


Kyra is an incredible human being and guides from a deep intuition and years of experience. I am so grateful to Kyra because I had no idea how to get here alone but now I feel like I am right where I need to be. 

- Liz Swain

I feel lighter, connected, and most importantly, more present. 
I am forever grateful.

When I first met with Kyra, I was desperate to find some peace in my life.  Kyra listens intently each time we are together and offers amazing insight and perspective.  Through our work together, I’ve learned to break cycles that put me in a state of feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, irritable and exhausted and I’m better able to work through life’s challenges with more grace and compassion for myself and others.  Kyra’s teaching has been such a gift to me.   I feel lighter, connected, and most importantly, more present.  I am forever grateful.


- Kathryn Sprouse

These sessions truly changed my life!  I feel validated, optimistic and hopeful in areas of my life where I previously felt stuck, overwhelmed, and a lot of shame.

I was at a point in my life where I felt stagnant and I wasn’t exactly sure where or how to start.  Kyra was super clear about what to expect ahead of time, and she created an environment where I felt safe being vulnerable. She helped me peel back the layers through careful listening, reflection, and planning. She showed me patterns of my own thinking, negative self-talk I didn’t even realize was happening, that was bogging me down.  I really appreciate the sensitivity with which she approached delicate topics, and the wisdom/tools she shared.  Being around her, you feel seen, accepted loved, and believed in. Like you have it within you to do anything in the world.  Through this experience I feel empowered. I’ve developed new systems, boundaries, and rituals that have helped me manage my anxiety and find balance in my life.  

- Syd Capito

Kyra's peaceful energy was so inviting. She created a space where I could learn new techniques to slow down, quiet my thoughts, anchor into and experience my feelings and recognize my desires like never before.

Kyra had a beautiful, gentle and intuitive way of holding a safe space that allowed me to let down my guard and lean into a new personal awareness.   She listens deeply, reflects back in a powerful way and refuses to let an experience, shift, or action go by without recognizing and celebrating it. I am finding that I am living a slower, more intentional life where I am trusting myself more than I ever have.

- Lisa Fairburn


Over the years I have struggled to find happiness amid my self-doubt, fear, sense of being overwhelmed, and bouts of depression.  This personal struggle drew me to education and practices that cultivate self-growth and balance and through those, I've experienced profound transformation.  I have shifted from seeking answers “out there” to an inner exploration that feels like coming home.

From this viewpoint, I have discovered that the experience of my own humanness is the very thing that continues to grow me. And this recognition provides me with a more complete, compassionate, and loving understanding of myself– and in turn, those around me.


So much has changed in the last couple of years.  As difficult as this time as has been, I am grateful for being forced outside long-standing comforts because it has made me re-evaluate my life and how I see it moving forward.  


I have spent much of my adult life asking myself: What am I supposed to be doing?

But in the past couple of years, that question has shifted to: What is the world asking of me? 

My answer is: To share what has helped me because it can help others.


Coaching Series

3 Month Series includes 6 - 60 minute 1:1 sessions over zoom meeting every other week

In these sessions we'll dive into your specific circumstances and develop ways to work with the material that is interrupting your life.  In between sessions you will have the opportunity to implement and practice new ways of being.  As we continue to meet we will evaluate what is going well and where we need to put further attention.  

Text / Email support is available between session.  These short check ins allow you additional support for any questions and/or challenges that may arise between our sessions together. 

Investment: $550 or sliding scale is available according to need

Individual sessions are available for $100 and yes I offer the sliding scale for these as well.

How to begin:

  • Reach out to me at and I will send you a series of questions to help us both get clear on the direction we could take in our time together

  • Once I receive your answers, we will set up a time to talk over zoom  During this complimentary consult we will talk about your questionnaire, get clarity on the how we would spend our time together, and give you time to ask any questions you may have.  This is a time to get to know each other and see if we are a good match.

  • From there we will schedule our first session to get started with the series.

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