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The Mindful Way

8 Week Online Group

We spend so much time looking to our outer world to find happiness and peace.  But what if we’ve been going about this all wrong?  What if we could take a look within ourselves and discover that what’s happening on the inside is deeply affecting our experiences of life on the outside?

This group is an opportunity to move your attention to your inner world and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself.  You will explore simple but powerful practices for growing self awareness, making conscious choices for living more intentionally, and navigating life with more ease and openness.



An 8-week foundational group designed to support you in

cultivating simple but powerful practices to help you:

  • Feel rejuvenated and spacious in a way that is not dependent on your surroundings, circumstances or situations. 

  • Develop new ways to support yourself through your body instead of getting lost in unhelpful and repetitive patterns of thinking

  • Be less reactive to life and more responsive to the moment

  • Break free of habitual ways of being to new and more expansive experiences of yourself

  • Appreciate and be present for the fullness of life which includes an acceptance for the nature of human existence


The Mindful Way Curriculum

Week 1

Bringing More Presence into your Day

Breath as a doorway

Start to notice the strong pull of the mind and the tendency to be lost in thought and find new ways to be present, clear and available to life.

Week 2

Deepening Connection to Yourself

Body Awareness as the Source of Wisdom

Move out of the habitual flow of thought and instead learn to sense and perceive from a place that is centered, grounded and deeply in touch with yourself.

Week 3

Staying Open to Life

Noticing Resistant Patterns and Working with Acceptance

Build confidence by working with your inner experience instead of waiting for improvement in your life circumstances.

Week 4

Making Peace with your Feelings

Bringing Resources to your

Emotional Life

Turn towards your emotions as part of your human experience with acceptance, openness and a sense of curiosity.

Week 5

Awareness around Patterns of Thinking

Observing your thoughts as opposed to being swept away with them allows a deeper understanding of yourself including insights into your feelings, actions  you take, and the way you move through the world.

Week 6

Broadening Perspectives on Thinking and Opening to New Possibility

Question your thoughts to break down fixed and rigid views that keep you stuck and suffering.

Week 7

Befriending All of You

Self Compassion

Learn to honor and accept your humanness with love and kindness.

Week 8

Where to Go from Here

Keeping the Practice Alive

Take time for reflection and integration and find ways to support yourself while transitioning into the next phase.

Wow, what an amazing, powerful group! It's like balm on an open wound in the best way possible!  Thank you! Thank you for offering this.  Thank you for doing this type of work yourself and sharing the fruits with us. Thank you for your feedback during our sessions - for reflecting back what you're hearing from us. I’m starting to see my patterns and this work is shining a light on what’s going on inside of me where I was previously unaware. I feel empowered knowing what to do in the daily struggles and how to bring more ease into my life.  This group has been a huge blessing in my life.

- Syd Capito

Group Format:

This group will meet ONLINE for 8 weeks.  Each week you will learn a foundational tool or practice to take into your life and try on for size.  A large part of participation in this group relies on your willingness to work with the tools that are shared in the group and apply them to your daily life.   As we come back together each week, we will be reflecting on our own learning, sharing our experiences with each other, and integrating the material which builds week by week.


If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact me at

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