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Private Yoga Lessons

Mindful Movement, Conscious Breath

Be still…


take a breath…

This is an invitation to nurture yourself and invest in your wellbeing.

Learn how to attend to your experience of the present moment, being more

open and available to life as it is.

Explore your inner world where a wealth of knowledge about your deepest

self is waiting to be discovered.

Build habits that allow you to live in an intentional and conscious way so that you can grow your life in the direction that is most important to you.


"If you want the kind of yoga practice that is transformative, life-affirming, and able to grow and change along with you, then Kyra is your teacher!"

- Whitney Roberts Hill


Are you looking for...


...a practice to restore your peace and physical vitality so you can meet life feeling more grounded, spacious and connected?


...the ease of having someone focus exclusively on you so each session is completely individualized to support where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually?  


...a practice that supports meaningful growth through the careful observation, deep listening and presence of an experienced teacher

I'd love to chat with you.  -Kyra


The Foundation of our Work Includes:


Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to signal the body to relax and let go of stress.  Additionally, by watching your breath, you learn to anchor your attention into the present moment, allowing you to meet life from a fresh and open perspective.


Mindfulness is the informal practice of present moment awareness that can be applied to any waking situation. Mindfulness helps us to see clearly so we can make wise choices and respond to life effectively.

Yoga Postures

Yoga postures are a wonderful way to increase strength & flexibility while releasing tension and stress.  By learning to inhabit your body fully, you can start to experience the whole spectrum of your inner world, recognizing patterns within while cultivating curiosity that keeps you open to evolving further.


Meditation is the more formal practice of going within to increase calmness, concentration, and awareness.  In meditation, we allow the attention to rest on one place so the mental chatter can relax.

"Kyra is kind, gentle, wise and truly embodies yogic principles. Just being around her has a calming effect on me.

 I treasure this as much as I do her amazing teaching skills. If you are looking to begin a yoga practice or advance your existing practice, I cannot recommend Kyra highly enough.

-Martha Breil

Kyra's teaching is infused with the wisdom that comes from her well-established personal practice.

She has a way of using the framework of yoga asana to open up the individual to personal patterns that impact every part of their life, on and off the yoga mat. Kyra gives informative physical adjustments and direction, and she also provides a safe listening ear, and reflection to her students, which provides opportunities for self awareness and growth. All of this happens in the context of her warmth and her genuine love for & dedication to her students. 

- Whitney Roberts Hill

Kyra knows how to stretch and nourish the body and mind, and soothe the soul in times of stress and uncertainty


Kyra’s unique teachings over the years have shown me how a practice of self-curiosity and paying attention through yoga and mindfulness can help create space for insight and growth. She has an uncanny knack for spotting where you hold yourself back and, with kindness and humor, gently nudging you out of your own way so a path forward becomes clear. Learning to recognize my tendencies and make time for self-care has been life-changing. I am ever thankful!" 

-Dawn Thiselton

Practicing yoga with Kyra has helped me gain confidence in myself and better manage my stress & anxiety.

Kyra is a teacher who will listen and guide you according to your individual needs.  She is patient, genuine, kind, and inspiring. To put it simply—she meets you where you’re at, accepts you how you are, and will leave you with helpful tools for the future.  I often find myself thinking back to the skills I’ve learned with her to help me move through difficult times.

- Syd Capito

Kyra walks me right up to my perceived limitation and then guides me past them to reach a new level of practice and a new level of challenge.   

Kyra has literally taken my physical practice further off of the mat and allows me to experience a more genuine and synchronized living experience on a day to day basis.  My A-Ha moments come far more frequently than I want to admit, but it has allowed me to take a deeper look into my daily actions, interactions, and thought processes and walk past those edges with a little bit more insight and courage.  Thank you Kyra for continuing to share your love of yoga and helping all of us to be just a little bit more of the change that we want to see.

- Wendy Warren

 I have truly been given a gift of seeing how much yoga supports and is in alignment with my work to live consciously moment by moment.

Kyra embodies the practice of yoga which is evident in her transmission of the teaching.  Her cuing is gently direct and clear, and she is attuned to the needs of other’s form.  Kyra has helped me to not only find my breath but to move more fluidly and easefully with support on and off the mat.  I am forever grateful that she is one of my many life teachers and walking alongside me on this journey!     


- Stacey Bove 


Reach out to get started
Let's start by having a conversation to make sure we're a good match.  I'll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Private Session Options & Investment:

  • Online Zoom Sessions $75 / hour

  • In Home Sessions $100 / hour (available within Richmond VA area)

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