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A New Year Offering 2024



I’m excited to be offering a new group for the new year called Intentful Life.

I have always loved this quote by Annie Dillard, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”  Such a good reminder of the significance of our everyday actions and choices in shaping the overall trajectory and quality of our lives.  That the small, seemingly mundane moments of our daily lives accumulate to ultimately define the lives that we live.

However, for many of us, our days are overtaken by mindless routines, distractions, and a busyness that doesn’t resonate with our deepest values.  And how can we truly know what is most important to us without space, without slowing down and taking time to reflect?  How can we be intentional without a deep awareness of ourselves, or an understanding of what’s running in the background - like beliefs that restrict our growth and ingrained patterns that limit our perspective or lead to stagnation?  How can we wake up from this sleepy quality within life and tend to ourselves so that we can experience a more fulfilling existence?


INTENTFUL LIFE: an 8 week ONLINE group

This group is designed to empower you in cultivating intentionality in how you approach your life.  

Living with intention means
- being connected to yourself deeply 
- developing insight into what is most important to you 
- making conscious choices that are in alignment with the life that you want
- being aware of and working with habitual ways of being and unhelpful patterns of the mind that keep you stuck.  

This is an inward driven approach that focuses on process and direction rather than outcome.  It is about consciously choosing how you inhabit the moments of your life.


This group provides an opportunity to be in community with other individuals looking to bring more consciousness into their lives.  In our sessions together we use self reflection, journaling, guided meditations, and the sharing of experiences to deepen our understanding of ourselves, live with greater awareness and shape our lives to be in alignment with what matters most.



If you would like to register, please contact me directly at  

Day / Time: Mondays from 5:30 - 6:30pm

Dates:  January 15 - March 4

Investment:  $180 before Jan 1; $210 after

Take time to slow down and tune in to your inner world, cultivating deeper self awareness and developing supportive practices for meeting life feeling more grounded, spacious and connected.  


o  Approach your inner world with a spirit of openness and curiosity

o  Learn to sustain a simple and kind presence

o  Choose ways of being in this world that are life sustaining and build connection

o  Become aware of the habitual patterns that curtail your joy

o  Train your attention in ways that enrich your life

o  Live intentionally by prioritizing what matters most to you

o  Acknowledge that life is a process to be lived, not a problem to be solved

o  Become aware of all that is right about you

o  Bring a compassionate awareness to yourself

o  Learn to open to all aspects of life

o  Liberate yourself



Ways to Work Together:


Become more aware of yourself

More present in each moment

More available to the fullness of your life

anthony-cantin-ig-lw0Dtz34-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Cultivate practices for greater self awareness and open to new ways of experiencing yourself


Mindful Movement

Conscious Breath

WOW.  I cannot recommend Kyra highly enough.  Reflecting back on the session with her, I am still blown away by the way I felt.  The techniques she shared created an experience that's had a lasting positive effect. 

- Ross Decker


I'm Kyra.  As a long term practitioner of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, I know how supportive these practices can be in living life with more freedom, connection and meaning.  I offer a highly personalized approach that addresses what is most important to you and would love to support you on your journey.


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